RetroStation Console Complete Pack


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What do you get?


1x Retro Station Gaming Console fully loaded with 12,000+ games

1x HMDI cable

1x Power cable

2x Snes Controllers with extension lead. Total of 3.6m cable length

2x Wireless Bluetooth Ps3 style controllers

Friendly and awesome support from our team….!!! Join our Facebook support group after you purchase our system for tutorial videos and we will answer any questions you have. We also assemble the console right here in Galway so any issues can be fixed right away!


Other Features

Game filters– 12,000 games is a lot….. it would probably take half a lifetime to play through all those games. To make life easier you can filter games into genre, number of players, rating etc… to easily find games you want to play!

Custom game lists- Organise your favourite games into custom game lists for easy access!!




Can you save your game?

Yes you can save your game at any point during a game using save states. You can also use in game saves if you want to play the game as it was intended!


Are the Snes controllers compatible with all the consoles on the system?

Yes we have configured the Snes controllers to work with every console. Some Ps1 games will require L2 and R2 triggers so we sell these as add on’s if you need them. We have configured official wired Ps3, Ps4 and xbox 360 controllers to work with the retro station so use them if you already own them.


How many controllers does the system support?

You might of noticed from the product picture there are only two usb ports for the controllers. Don’t worry if you purchase more controllers we will provide a usb adapter to support 4 controllers at the same time!



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